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Jul ’21: Survey on COVID-19 vaccinations – uptake, hesitancy, infrastructure

admin 25 March 2021

Results from our vaccination survey are now available, to understand the factors behind vaccine hesitancy, hurdles faced by people in getting vaccinated, the extent of the digital divide, and the infrastructure for vaccinations. We ran surveys with two groups of people

Those who have not taken vaccinations so far:

  • 33% do not have trust on the vaccine’s efficacy as people are getting infected even after taking the shots. Another reason for hesitant behaviour is people having adverse effect post vaccination.
  • 72% said that they have their smartphones or have access to a smartphone. Of this, 39% do not want to get vaccinated while 33% attempted getting vaccinated but were not able to because slots were not available.
  • 58% respondents said that the vaccination center being far off and issues with transportation are significant reasons for them not getting vaccinated.
  • Among those who want to get vaccinated, the non availability of vaccine is one of the most prominent reasons preventing them.
  • 58%, who have not taken the vaccine also do not have any other family members vaccinated.
  • 39% respondents said that they have questions about side effects, and 70% of them said that they would consider to get vaccinated if their queries are answered.
  • 40% said that they would not like to pay for a vaccine. 34% said that they can pay.

Those who have had at least one doze:

  • Most of the respondents took the vaccine by directly reaching the vaccination centers without prior registration on COWIN.
  • About 25% of the respondents reported some of the other side effects with vaccination. Fever was the most prominent side effect faced by them.
  • Of those who had side effects, 80% got better on their own without having to take any consultation from doctors or nurses.
  • Only 14% people reported that they are fully vaccinated i.e., have taken both the doses. Of those who have taken their first dose, 87% said that they are waiting for their second dose.
  • 67% faced some kind of challenges in the process of getting vaccinated, such as standing in long queues at the vaccination centre, or having to register for a vaccination slot through a smart phone which was not easy for them to learn.