Our theory of citizen participation for democracy is based on nurturing active citizens by helping them become informed and voice their opinions. In order to develop empathy of state & society, we require communication infrastructure that integrates feedback and provides a fair representation of diverse viewpoints.

At Gram Vaani we develop technology products with a focus on social responsibility to ensure responsible outcomes from our tech interventions. We believe ethics form a very crucial foundation for thinking about ICT projects. Our ICT projects are guided by an underlying ethical framework on their objectives, design (user interface design, data and algorithms, system design) and deployment.

Gram Vaani’s objective is to provide an alternative tech-based media platform, powered by the community, designed to empower them to change their lives.
Layer 4
Intelligent Onboarding

Tika Vaani – Optical scanning

  • A platform to aid front line workers engaged in child vaccination programmes.
  • An Android app that helps FLWs click pictures of the Mother and Child Protection (MCP) card, get automatic due lists and tally lists for Village Health & Nutrition Day (VHND) schedules and other vital information about the children and vaccines required in the upcoming VHNDs.
  • Advanced image processing and machine learning to extract information from the MCP cards.
  • The IVRS integration helps send automatic reminders to the eligible children about upcoming VHND and share information on common side effects of the vaccines post vaccination.
Layer 3

Intelligent Support


Data Analytics & Monitoring

  • Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics framework to help analyse call and content consumption statistics.
  • Open Data Kit (ODK) integration to create complex reports by combining IVR and field data.
  • Power BI integration for a rich presentation of the data.


Automated Moderation
  • Integration of Machine Learning modules for automatic accept/reject, gender and theme classification.
  • Google speech2text integration for transcribing audios.


Case Manager        

  • IVR-based service for grievance management.
  • Independent beneficiary call flows and handlers call flow to provide updates and resolutions for the grievances.
  • Moderation interface to moderate and assign grievances.


Distributed Moderation

  • Distributed Moderation of item and grievances for scalability.
  • Registered users able to moderate items and provide updates on grievances from the Mobile Vaani App.
  • Three levels of access for item moderation: Partner, Community Manager, Volunteer.
Layer 2



IVRS Voicebot
  • Voice bot over IVR using automatic speech recognition and DialogFlow integration for data collection and natural conversation with users using conditional flows.


Voice Based Quora

  • IVR system to answer user queries in real time

  • A large corpus of FAQs under multiple themes curated to answer user queries.

  • State of the art ML models trained to match user queries with the appropriate answers using the curated FAQ database

Layer 1

Ensuring Access


  • Low latency audio device interconnections
  • Low cost Community Radio Automation Software (RAS)
  • Low maintenance and low cost
  • Astrix for calling and Gstreamer for Routing.
  • 35 installations across India and Africa
  • Over 0.5 million community outreach


VAutomate V1

  • Launched in 2011 as a radio over mobile service with Jharkhand and Bihar Mobile Vaani.
  • News and vforum functionalities as par
  • Press 3 function for users to record their voice and contribute on the platform.
  • Service access over toll free numbers
  • GWT (Google Web Kit) based Moderation Interface for moderating user content.

VAutomate V2

  • State machine models for complex IVRS designs. New services launched with the new framework.
  • vSurvey as a mobile service for doing surveys


Mobile Vaani (MV) App

  • Android app for accessing Mobile Vaani content over smartphones
  • Registered users able to contribute content using the app along with sharing the content over WhatsApp and Facebook and forward to mobile numbers.
  • Pictures, YouTube links, title, transcription and contributors profile shown with items.
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