Millions of citizens in India’s rural hinterlands do not have access to communication channels through which they can be better informed, share opinions and solutions with one another, or raise their voices and seek assistance when they cannot access their rights. The governance team provides authoritative and actionable information through which people can be better informed, and enables people to raise their issues, and highlights these issues to the administration to spur them into action. Supported by a strong cadre of community volunteers, our platforms seek to empower every citizen, irrespective of their gender, caste, or class, with information and awareness to realise their abilities and responsibility, and collectively drive sustained, equitable change.
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Citizens from  rural and semi urban areas of India use our platform for their information needs, contribute their thoughts and ideas on issues that matter to them, and record individual or community  grievances.


Active, engaged citizens from our communities have their ears to the ground and encourage people to use the platform, as well as record contextual information in the form of news or interviews with people and administration. These volunteers also resolve grievances and work with community members to drive collective action.


Gram Vaani field members and community volunteers  work hand-in-hand with officials in related panchayat, block, district and state administration for grievance redressal and to strengthen accountability and transparency in governance.

Our Impact Pathways

Community Change Agents

We enlist the support of active citizens of the communities in which we work as community volunteers. These change agents motivate the local community to register their grievances and raise their demand, ensure effective delivery of social welfare schemes, and encourage community members to share their opinions on issues that matter to them. Finally, they work with local and district administration to strengthen accountability for social welfare delivery and grievance redressal.


Awareness and Knowledge Building

The team, with the help of community volunteers, offers information related to various welfare schemes, education, livelihood and other aspects affecting on the community through our participatory media platforms. Community members find these information and entertainment programmes empowering as they also motivate them to voice their concerns, challenges or opinions on issues that matter. The platform also encourages them to unite, build solidarity and take collective action.

Collective Action

Our platforms offer space for all people, irrespective of their identities and social backgrounds, to share their thoughts; these can be heard by others in the community, including administration and local media. This gives scope for community members to unite and put their collective energy to drive change and action.
Our Projects
admin 7 Apr, 2021

Leveraging Participatory Media for Grievance Redressal

Gram Vaani’s participatory media platforms play a powerful role in putting pressure on authorities to act on grievances that people face when accessing their rights to schemes and welfare benefits offered by the state.

Highlights from the Field
admin 27 May, 2021

Para Teachers Mobilize State wide strike using Jharkhand Mobile Vaani

During the months of July to October 2012, Jharkhand Mobile Vaani was used extensively by Para-teachers to self-organize and use the platform to convey their demands to the government.

admin 7 Apr, 2021

Supporting people’s right to food and livelihood during the pandemic

Gram Vaani supported the Rozi Roti Adhikar Abhiyan with a campaign to inform people of their rights to food and to livelihood, and to persuade local administrations to facilitate the issuance of ration cards and NREGA work.

admin 7 Apr, 2021

In users’ voices: How Mobile Vaani has changed their lives

Hear from users how Mobile Vaani helps them be informed about their rights & entitlements, share grievances and connect with each other - and the state - to seek solutions

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