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Apr ’20: Lockdown lives of workers in industrial areas

admin 21 April 2021

Results are now available from our lockdown survey (700+ respondents) among workers in the industrial areas of Haryana, Tirupur, Ahmedabad, and Delhi. Some key highlights: 

  • Almost 53% workers report having been laid-off during the lockdown, the highest being in Haryana
  • Of the ones laid-off, 57% report not having been paid their full wages, the highest again being in Haryana, and Ahmedabad
  • Overall, more than 60% of the workers report an urgent need for assistance, mostly of food. The worst is in Tirupur where many migrants from Bihar and Orissa are stranded, without money or ration. 50% of the people are desperate to go back home, and the situation hasn’t really changed much over the last three weeks of the lockdown
  • The government has relaxed the rules for workers to withdraw funds from their PF accounts, but more than 50% of the workers do not have PF accounts, and of them 60% haven’t been paid their full wages either