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Juror’s distinction in the Manthan Awards 2009

admin 27 May 2021

GRINS won a juror’s distinction in the 2009 Manthan Awards! Watch the entire team lined up for the award. The original source is here.

Gramin Radio Inter Networking System (GRINS) is an enhanced automation system for community radio stations. GRINS allows radio station operators to schedule broadcasts, preview programs, record live transmissions, and maintain an extensive semantically searchable library. GRINS does most processing in software to eliminate the need of buying expensive audio hardware. For this reason, GRINS can be run off commodity PCs and single board computers, significantly reducing the costs of setting up community radio stations. The GRINS software is easily accessible and freely available on the Gram Vaani website, it can be subsequently downloaded and installed on a computer.

With the community radio taking off in India in a big way, Gramin Radio Inter Networking System (GRINS) software comes as boon to small time operators. The fact that it can run on any single PC or single board computer makes it doubly beneficial to community radio stations and significantly minimises the infrastructural costs. The system has been designed specifically keeping the rural environment in mind. The ease of its application ensures that more and more people will be able to take advantage of its technology making it a worthy nomination for the Manthan Awards.