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Gramvaani has a rich history of developing mixed media content that includes audio-video stories, developing reports based on surveys conducted with population cut off from mainstream media channels and publishing research papers that helps in changing the way policies are designed for various schemes. Our blog section is curation of those different types of content.

Explore our vAutomate suite

admin 27 May 2021

Gram Vaani is a pioneer in innovating easy to use technologies for engagement with communities and customers, using IVR systems and voice instead of the Internet. Our vAutomate suite provides several solutions for social enterprises and social sector organizations. Download the product sheet here.

vAutomate works in a cloud hosted manner, hence no hardware installations are required at your end, and you can pay as you go based on your usage.

vSurvey, to collect data and feedback, one-time on longitudinally over time

vComm, to rapidly build communities of interest and keep them updated

vAct, for customer and staff grievance management

vHelp, to run customer helplines without requiring a call center



vAutomate is flexible to support many use-cases:
– Send voice messages and survey questionnaires to a database of customers
– Collect daily reports from staff on sales and distribution
– Build a community of users as simply as having people give a missed call
– Build a positive brand image by allowing your community to conference with experts, share voice messages with other members, ask questions, etc
– Collect testimonials from customers and give incentives through mobile recharges to collect referrals to friends
– Provide helplines for live conferencing with management
– Manage your call data via a web dashboard, to control messages to publish, exposure, stats on messages heard, stats on message contributions
– Subsidize all this optionally through ads and social messages relevant to your community

Get in touch with us at contact [at] gramvaani.org to know more