ET rates Gram Vaani among the 14 startups to watch in 2014

The Economic Times has just released a rating of exciting startups to watch in 2014, and Gram Vaani is in the list! Original source here

Industry: Technology for development

What it offers: Gram Vaani is building the world’s first voice-based social media platform for the bottom of the pyramid. A comprehensive information sharing platform, it enables rural and low-income populations to share voice content with each other over a simple phone call, and addresses their needs. From agriculture, to health information, from bringing accountability in local governance, to conducting e-commerce, to information on employment the platform is expected to address all issue.

Growth Details & Expansion Plans: Started in 2009, the organization is currently working with over 70 organizations in India that use its voice-based network to engage with almost a million households across 20 states in India. The company plans to establish a network of five million bottom of pyramid users by the end of 2014.

Investors & Amount raised: Indian Angel Networks (India) and Digital News Ventures (USA) has invested US$ 500000 in Gram Vaani.