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image of an index finger with indelible ink on the nail, which is proof that a person has voted in India. The finger is held up, and the background is yellow and blurred

Shram ka Samman: What Migrating Means: Voting Becomes Difficult

As the nation churned in the course of an election that lasted nearly 40 days, bringing forth debates and discussions from all corners of the country, watching from the sidelines were millions of migrants – people who’d left their villages and towns to move to other states in search of work, and in the process, unable to participate in exercising their right to vote. Why are migrants unable to vote – in their destination city or in their hometown? What assistance do they expect in this regard? Here’s an assortment of opinions from Mobile Vaani users who reported on Shram ka Samman on how their migrant status affected their participation in choosing the next government.

गुजरात विकास मॉडल मुखौटा या सच्चाई

Originally posted here. उत्तर गुजरात के साबरकांठा जिले में 28 सितम्बर को नवजात बच्ची से बर्बर तरीके से बलात्कारकरने वाले शख्स के बहाने यूपी, बिहार, राजस्थान और यहां तक कि…

Bharat on speed dial by Sibi Arasu and Rashmi Pratap

This article on The Hindu Business Line discusses initiatives including Mobile Vaani as using 'basic mobile phones [to make] all the difference between hardship and empowerment in rural India'. Originally…

Smarter about retail by Karen Johnson

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