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Gramvaani has a rich history of developing mixed media content that includes audio-video stories, developing reports based on surveys conducted with population cut off from mainstream media channels and publishing research papers that helps in changing the way policies are designed for various schemes. Our blog section is curation of those different types of content.

Rajeev Ranjan

admin 16 November 2021

I work closely with the field team, program team and partners as well as try to ideate and develop a communication  with the community’s own language. So that the user of our community can easily understand the language of our partner / government scheme.

Being from creative background and with over 15 years of experience in the creative field, Social upliftment or working with the last people of the society has always been my objective. Whether it is through drama or technology. And the brand name (GRAMVAANI) itself speaks a lot. Here in GRAMVAANI, I got an opportunity to do both. And that’s why I joined GRAMVAANI.

The best thing apart from work is the facilities provided to the employees is pretty helpful and more than anything else and it gives a very good work-life balance.