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JMV converges knowledge on health, impact visible

admin 27 May 2021

Community Health Worker from Dumri, Kunti Devi called on Jharkhand Mobile Vaani to report that the effect of health oriented discussions on Jharkhand Mobile Vaani is very much visible in her area. She further says that earlier people never used to pay heed to what she had to say in the matters of health, always used to disregard the iron-folic acid tablets she had to offer thinking that if it is for free it would be ineffective, but now, she claims that after listening to the health hour on JMV people have started understanding her point as the messages reinforce what she has to say. Additionally, people themselves come to her asking for condoms, sanitary napkins and health supplements. She says that if platforms like JMV that converge knowledge are there to aid her work, then she can work in a better manner and potentially take the government schemes to the last mile.


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