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Impacts from Jharkhand Mobile Vaani

admin 27 May 2021

Jharkhand Mobile Vaani has enabled citizens to share local issues, and others to take up these issues with the relevant development authorities so that they are resolved quickly. So far, there have been 53 reported issues resolved through the platform, a few are outlined below:


Reporter Name



Action Taken

Kailash Giri Bokaro, Nawadih Books not distributed to the students of 6th standard in middle-schools in Nawadih Block. Kailash Giri expressed his happiness and thankfulness over distribution of books in Mid-schools in different villages of Nawadih including Telo, Tapno. He urged the Govt. to look into the matter, which did not happen till then. He mentioned following his reports on JMR the step has been taken to distribute books in schools. Therefore, he appreciates the effort and also thank JMR
Sunita Devi Latehar, Chandwa, Jamira, Rakshi Complaint against Sahiya (health worker) and ineffectiveness of anganwadi centre in the village JMR volunteers talked to the Mukhiya of the panchayat and also with the concerned Sahiya. Besides, these parties also had listened to the messages left through JMR. The complainant reported that problem has been resolved to a great extent
Ranjit Munda Khunti, Murhu,  Goda, Goda, Complaint against ration on BPL card, where the ration was drawn in the name of a deceased person The issue was raised in front of the Murhi BDO and was discussed with him. It got resolved following this intervention.
Fagu Singh Munda Khunti, Khunti, Siladon, Chukru Delay of payment in  MNREGA related work The issue was put in front of the line officer in the Block office and it is in the process of getting addressed
Ravilal Soren Giridih, Deori, Chatro Bad road conditions in Chatro Panchayat The caller reported that after repeated reports of bad road conditions through JMR, the BDO himself visited the village and promised to start two new schemes along with news on new road construction to the gramsabha.
Raju Kumar Chatra, Simariya Irregular and unfair process of issuing job cards related to MNREGA The issue has been solved by creating pressure on officers and BDO through multiple complaints on JMR. The caller also used to get threatened by agents since there was a lot of corruption involved in the process of Job Card. However, he expressed after he reported this on JMR, situation has improved.
Baijnath Mahato Dhanbad, Matari Station Regular theft of coal from goods- trains that remain parked  near Matari station The theft significantly reduced immediately after this was reported by the caller. The caller reported that though it has again started since there was no sustained efforts from the police department but, he said since JMR is a pervasive medium and since voices of common person reaches to others ear the immediacy of impact is noticeable.
Umesh Kumar Turi Dhanbad, Mohoda He informed about a rape case in which the authorities had not paid attention earlier The case has been lodged and now is in the process of investigation
Saraswati Devi Latehar, Chandwa, Jamira The caller called to thank the efforts of JMR regarding a PDS complaint that she reported about. Her original report mentioned of the irregularities in the distribution of BPL cards in Jamira Panchayat of Chandwa Block. When the people from JMR followed up on the news talking to the BDO, they were given a positive response and were reassured that in the coming months a new survey will take place and these irregularities will be taken care of then.