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Gramvaani has a rich history of developing mixed media content that includes audio-video stories, developing reports based on surveys conducted with population cut off from mainstream media channels and publishing research papers that helps in changing the way policies are designed for various schemes. Our blog section is curation of those different types of content.

Adding value to the work of women’s labour unions

admin 27 May 2021

Gram Vaani platforms TTCU Kural and Urimai Kural, run in collaboration with women’s unions TTCU and GAFWU & PTS, support union work by providing a channel to voice sensitive grievances and enabling better tracking and resolution of these grievances. Since opening in late 2017, the two platforms between them have more than 10,000 listeners;  the unions have provided advisory and practical assistance to nearly 150 grievances recorded on the platforms.

The unions are now exploring new ways to leverage the platform’s functionalities to register members, file PILs and with TTCU Kural, improve access to justice beyond the union’s reach.

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