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Mobile Vaani social campaigns are active discussions where the community members are engaged to contribute their views about various issues, and our team helps coordinate these discussions into manageable threads. We have found that this is a much better way of information dissemination and call-to-action, than simple broadcast of information on radio or television. Read the detailed reports below for examples of various campaigns we have done so far, and this short note summarizing the main talking points of gender based campaigns done on Mobile Vaani.

Examples of questions other people have asked:

  1. What water conservation projects are happening in your village? Are they functional?
  2. Was your Aadhar transaction to get MNREGA wages perfectly smooth?
  3. What stigma do AIDS/HIV patients in villages experience? Hear from the people themselves
  4. What would be your response to the para-teachers strike in Jharkhand in Aug 2013?

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