Mobile Vaani Sponsorship

Mobile Vaani reaches out to highly engaged rural and semi-urban listeners not reachable through other forms of media. Given the low cost of communication and an expanding user base, accessing these listeners is possible at a significantly lower Cost Per User (CPU) than most other media. The access is two-way and allows interactions via campaigns, discussions, pledges, where our powerful statistical, tagging and tracking engines can be used to provide a high level of detail on how messages are received, and what impact they have had.

Corporates and individuals can help sponsor campaigns on Mobile Vaani to provide information and get feedback on health, education, human rights, entrepreneurship, and other social development topics. See the current campaigns on Mobile Vaani and how you can help create impact.

To learn more about Mobile Vaani Sponsorships email mobilevaani [at] with the subject ‘Mobile Vaani Sponsorship’