Mobile Vaani Social Partnership

Mobile Vaani Social Partners can interact with Mobile Vaani users currently on the network, extending to Uttaranchal and Jharkhand. If you’d like to test if the Mobile Vaani model works for you, why not do a low-cost trial of the service?

Outreach Partner

Outreach Partners can seed questions or discussion topics on the Mobile Vaani platform. As a partner, you will receive:

  • Web access to compiled responses of all callers, categorized and tagged
  • CompleteĀ statistics of all user interactions on the question
  • In-depth analysis of trending issues identified by users
  • Help in creating engaging content

Your trial can be structured on a monthly or per-user basis. See examples of detailed discussions that have happened on Mobile Vaani: AIDS campaign, water conservation campaign, a para-teachers strike in Jharkhand, and other activities.

Community Building Partner

Community Building Partners can join Gram Vaani in building the online and offline interaction that makes Mobile Vaani a success. We will provide our platform of users, as well as relevant field inputs in your geography, and you can come on board to provide questions or discussion topics, and plug your own field teams in to help with outreach, response and offline engagement on the topic.

In addition, a facebook or webpage hosting the discussion will be maintained just for you, where comments from the phone are made visible to online users, and vice versa. This adds a new level of online-offline interactivity not offered by any comparable service.

Our team of experienced field staff, content and project managers can help structure engaging discussions to get to the heart of any issue, and offer advice on how to work with your field teams or our field partners to increase community participation.

Existing Mobile Vaani community partners in Jharkhand include:

  • Video Volunteers
  • Public Health Resource Network
  • Gram Swaraj Abhiyan
  • Leads Trust

For more information on Mobile Vaani Social Partnerships, please email mobilevaani [at] with the subject ‘Mobile Vaani Social Partnerships’