Jharkhand Mobile Vaani

Jharkhand Mobile Vaani is a citizen radio-over-phone platform currently receiving participation from nearly all districts in Jharkhand, reachable by placing a missed call to the number 088000 97458.

News contributed by citizens allowed a collector to dispatch emergency medical aid, led to the arrest of corrupt local officials, and many other outcomes. JMV is steadily clocking 3000+ calls per day, and reaches out to more than 200,000 callers. Read more about social campaigns on JMV, a variety of contributions left by the community, and the news website.

To learn more about Jharkhand Mobile Vaani, download the document here.

The map shows reports received on Jharkhand Mobile Vaani since Jan 2012. These are updated once a week.


People use Jharkhand Mobile Vaani to discuss a number of different issues, a sample of which are described below.

Improving public services delivery
Gram Vaani and its network of resource partners often take up issues reported on JMV and convey them to state officials for prompt action: Reports about malaria deaths in Palamu were conveyed to officials and led to an immediate response, wages delayed by 5 months to Anganwadi workers in Lathehar were given out, harrassment by bank officials in enrolling people in Sarai Kela was repored and led to prompter action.

Children development
Gram Vaani is committed to the allround development of children and endeavours to make learning a fun and exciting process. We have partnered with Sesame Workshop to bring Galli Galli Sim Sim, the children’s beloved program on Jharkhand Mobile Vaani. Call between 7-8pm to listen to Chamki and her friends!

Local announcements
JMR often serves a local media role in the absence of other media services in rural areas: Announcements are made about elections for the society of disabled, subsidies for livestock management, etc.

Information about government schemes
There are over 200 government schemes operational in rural areas, but very poor awareness among the people. Information on JMV helps make people aware of their rights and entitlements under different schemes: Ladli Lakshmi Yojna, Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna, Kharif Krishi Yojana, etc.

Spreading knowledge
JMR is beginning to help its community of listeners share knowledge and best practices with each other: The benifits of Shri Vidhi technique for rice cultivation is discussed on JMV.

Culture and expression
JMV is also a forum for cultural expression. Folks songs in Santhali, Nagpuri, and poems by children are often profiled.